November 2020 Update

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After taking two weeks off following the completion of the #2Articles1Week challenge and the first Hashnode Technical Writing Bootcamp, I figured it was time to publish an update here on my blog on what I'm getting up to, what my plans are, and when you'll be seeing more writing.

What is keeping you so busy?

In short:

  • I'm coming to the end of my teaching degree, which consists of an absolute truckload of coursework and evidence.
  • I'm still working as a CS teacher, and teaching workloads need no introduction.
  • I'm participating in the second Hashnode Technical Writing Bootcamp - which is fantastic so far.
  • I'm busy with volunteering too.

What is your plan?

I'm looking at returning to a career in software engineering after I've wrapped up the teaching chapter of my life, unless an opportunity presents itself.

In any case, from January onwards I'll be working on two major software projects in my free-time, a block-based web development environment (more soon), and my Petrobolos top-down shooter.

What writing is upcoming?

I'm going back to writing once a week following next week. For this week, I'll be publishing a technical article on PHP and the origins of its reputation. Secondly, an article talking about my experiences doing the #2Articles1Week challenge and my quest for the bronze, silver, and gold writing medals.

I look forward to seeing you later in the week.

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