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Hello! Welcome to my blog here on Hashnode. I've been looking for the perfect blogging platform for so long, but I think after about two years of searching I might just have found it. A hosted blogging platform that supports both Markdown and canonical linking, allows me to use my web domain without sacrificing my website, and most importantly, links me with a community of developers and professionals.

Thank you so much to Sandeep Panda for accepting me onto the Devblog beta, and of course, to Benjamin N. Spak for introducing me to the platform in the first place. You guys rock.

In any case, you can expect to see upcoming writing on a wealth of technical topics, as well as some of my other interest areas such as mental health and volunteerism within the tech sector, the #301DaysOfCode movement, and maybe some stuff that touches on my academic research and the thesis I'm currently writing, within the next few months. Give me a follow to stay updated!

Thought-Provoking Reads for Developers

My WordPress blog, currently hosted at will be brought down within the next few weeks, and my Thought-Provoking Reads for Developers series will be resumed here.

Until next time!

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Welcome to Hashnode Oliver. We are looking forward to reading your posts. :) Do reach out if you need any help.